New Rules and Extras

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New Rules and Extras

Post  rmhjets28 on Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:35 am

Hey everyone, welcome to Pro's GM Baseball League. As you can tell it is a little different then other leagues i have run. Rules are pretty simple:

-Be Active
-Somewhat respectful...
-Know Baseball

Everything else is easy. This league goes directly through baseball mogul 08. The file and rosters will be constantly edited and posted, so all you ever need to do is download new files.

League is completely free.

New features will begin to be posted, such as Awards and Bonuses: they will be given out to GM's who do great jobs, and other awards to people that show a lot of activity.

YOU CAN BE FIRED If you are not doing the job that best suites your team u can be fired or if you are inactive.

You can have a Co-Owner, if you feel the need to have a friend(s) join up with you to make decisions that is allowed, just the main owner makes the major decisions.

Other rules will be posted on other forums, look for updates and new posts on features

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