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**********!!!!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!!!!!*********

Post  Beach on Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:27 am

Alright boys i see there is a lot of discontent with the latest trades that have happend. Which is normal in a league such as this...there is always gonna be a few bumps in the road.

So lets discuss this...so you know where my point of view is, ok? Please bare with me...

Now...in the Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt deal, which was sending them to the Dodgers. You cannot possibly send Pence and Oswalt for what the Astros were getting in return. I'm not saying it couldnt happen in real life but the Dodgers would have to give up more than they actually did. I made deals today...and lost 3/4 of my farm system, because thats how it should go! If you wanted that deal to go through you should have sweetened the pot Dodgers...and you know this. As for Astros it was nothing against you or anything, but you werent getting a fair trade out of it so we intervened! If you wanna talk about how it could go through AIM or PM me with your plans or what not.

In the Tigers trade involving Miggy, at first glance it looked ok. But after further looking into it, the trade is not fair at all. Miggy is one of the best hitters in the game today, and he is getting traded for players that are nowhere near MLB ready and not to mention will prob not pan out to be another star caliber player such as Cabrera. For that trade to go through, more must be added on the end of the Twins.

Boys, were all here to have fun. Trades are what make this game fun, but you cant make it unrealistic. Think of yourself as Dave Drombowski, GM for the Tigers. Are you gonna trade Miggy Cabrera..for 3 prospects playing baseball down in Toledo? I think not. Im not saying you cant make your own decisions, cuz thats what this league is all about, you decide whether a player stays or goes.

Lets just have fun, if you want trades to go through, and your not sure, ask Ryan (rmhjets) or myself (Beach) if that would be good or if you should add more. Were not tryin to deny people right from the get-go...we want this league to be the best fuckin league ever. Competition is what makes it fun...

Astros and Chi-Sox....if you are really qutting, please PM me or ryan and let us know of your intentions. I'll say it again we dont want ppl to quit..thats not why were hear, were all hear to have fun!

thanks...and lets keep playin ball

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Re: **********!!!!!EVERYONE MUST READ!!!!!!!*********

Post  rmhjets28 on Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:43 am

well i would like to add....miggy was traded for a top prospect along with dtrain...but i dont see a point in DET doin it...unless hes rebuilding a team...that is built lol.

Beach said for you guys if your not sure to come ask us about it. Im not a fan of that. I think you guys need to figure this out on your own. I have no problem helpin out....but dont get used to having to ask people opinions...its your team. if you want to add a co-GM do that so u can get advice.

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